Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vu Lan ceremony

In Vietnam the Vu Lan ceremony has become important day. It's part of Vietnam's spiritual culture. This time is approaching on 15th July. So i will tell you what origin and meaning are.

1/ What is Vulan's origin?
In the past, Bodhisattva Kien Lien was one of the most outstanding disciple in Buddhism. He had good skills to do what he wanted. One time, he used his superhuman eyes to find people who needed his help. He saw, his mother, Mrs Thanh Đe, was pale and scraggy body. She was in solitary confinement with hard labour in hell. He knew that was result of wicked, greedy and deceptive habits. He took pity on her. He used his talent to offer foods for her. But the foods suddenly became light coals in her hands. He came back and asked Buddha for some advices. Finally, he got the solution and he presented foods with all sincerity on 15th July when all the monks will pray on. Buddha believed that way could reduce her guil. The soul of Thanh Đe and the others were saved by this oppotunity.
So the Vietnamese took Kien Lien as an example for a child'love. the Vu Lan ceremony has been organized on 15th July annually since.

2/ What is Vulan'meaning?
the Vulan ceremony remind us of our gratitude to parents, grandparents, ancestors and Heroes who died for peace in our country. And it also help us to become good citizens by cultural humanity Buddhism.
There is 4 graces in Buddhism
- From parents: they bear and take care of us
- From teachers: they impart their knowledges
- From Heros: they keep peace
- From the others: they product things to develop our lives

How to show my love?
People go to the Buddhist temple. If your parents live, you will wear a red rose on your left side chest. If your parents have died, you would wear a white rose.
People will pray for the salvation of souls. People sit down and hear the leader of monks say what is right and wrong.
In the family, you make a big feast to present to your ancestors. You can eat what you want but you eat no meat. this will show all your sincerity.
Children buy flowers and do anything which their parent asked. Doing good work yourself!