Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The most enjoyable thing that I do in my free time

Today, I'll tell you about my most enjoyable thing that I do in my free time. It's my chat with my husband.

First, I like to chat with my husband because it improves our communication. He and I are living apart. He is living in the US and I'm in Viet Nam. Therefore, we need to exchange information together about our daily lives. That is our happiness. When we chat, we can type, talk and see each other. We usually talk about things of the day which is who we met or what we have done. We also talk about our parents, our friends, our work...and so on. Besides, I can ask him about my English studying. I practise English with him. On the order hand, he helps me to correct my pronunciation, grammar or he explains words that I misunderstand. Moreover, he gives me lots of good advice for my life or my decision or my plans. In particular, he always encourage me when I failed in my job, my studying...

Second, I only chat with my husband on weekend because we are too busy during the week. Everyday, as soon as we wake up, we are busy preparing for our activities during the day. After a hard work day, we are so tired. We only talk for a short time. Besides, the time difference is12 hours.( VN is ahead) .

In conclusion, although my husband and I live far away, I feel relaxed after I chat with him. I think, if our lives are busy or boring, we should find some good entertainment in our free time to reduce our stress in order to feel our lives are getting better and better.

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