Thursday, September 24, 2009

My holiday

Phu Quoc is the most beautiful island in the South of Viet Nam. The beach is very blue and crystal. I had a chance to visit it 2 years ago.

The first day, my colleague, my younger sister and I went there by plane. It took us about 1 hour from Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Quoc. We didn't stay at any hotel there but we were at my colleague brother's house. It is near to the beach. In the afternoon, we went to the wharf to buy seafood, wow, they were fresher than the ones were sold in Ho Chi Minh city. They were also cheap. We bought many kind of seafoods: crabs, shells, lobsters, fish...etc. After that, we cooked and enjoyed them. They were very delicous. I have never been eaten the seafood which were fresh, cheap and delicious. In the evening, we went to the coffee shop along the coast. We saw the beach at night and listened to the waves washing onto the beach. It was wonderful!

The second day, we visited around the beach by a boat. The boat went away the shore. After a few hours, we didn't see the land, around us only water, the skyline and the blue sky. The landscape was gorgeous. Moreover, everyone took a fishing-pole and angled on the beach. The sea is extreme, I didn't think we could catch any fishes but it wasn't as like as I though. Later, the boat stoped near to the seashore and we swam on the ocean. There were a lot of rocks and corals. This was the first time I saw the corals. They were many color such as: red, pink and white.

After this trip, I felt very happy and relaxed. I knew many things about Phu Quoc. In particular, Phu Quoc is a peace and safe place. You can park your motorbike on the street and don't worried about the thief. Phu Quoc's people are friendly too. Besides, if you want to cut a tree in your garden, you have agreed by the goverment. The local goverment has tried to build Phu Quoc becoming a green island.

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