Monday, September 21, 2009

The first day at College

I think that every student has his/her memories about the first day at college or university because it starts his/her new life. I want to tell you about my first day at college which was 14 years ago.

After I finished high school I passed an exam to study a children dental course at the university of medicine in 1995. I was on this course 3 years.
I was worried about somethings on the first day. I asked myself a lot of questions before I went to the new school such as: how school was, how my new friends were, how my new teachers were, how my studying was...and so on.
My life changed completely from that day. I had to leave my parent's house, my hometown, my old teachers and my close friends. I went to Ho Chi Minh city which was a new, strange place. I lived with my aunt. It was a new accommodation. I couldnot do anything I like.
My father picked me up from school because I didn't know the streets to school by myself. There were lots of cars, motorbikes, bicycles and people on the streets.

When I came to my class around at 6.30am there were 31 students there. Then the principle met us to welcome all the new students. After that, we were told the study schedule, all subjects which we would study in the first year, the rules of school, the tuition fee...etc
I didn't wear white ao dai but I wore a white coat and a nurse's hat when I attended the class.

I still remember that all my classmates were very strange on the first day. Everyone came from other provinces. After that, we became close friends. And now we are still close friends, even though we got married and have children. We usually meet each other and always share our experience in our work, our happiness or sadness in our lives.

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