Friday, October 8, 2010

Marking Denture In Thailand

My friend has a problem with his denture when he has been being in Thailand. I advise him visiting dentists. After that he told me the story about the people who make denture and sold in street. I was surprised that they don’t need any clinic, just anywhere in Bangkok , but have a small chair and a bottled water so patients can gargle.
I can’t image that the people make denture in line with people repair watch and make key in the country like Thailand that he commented.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last Sunday, I took my niece to participate in her classmate's birthday party in Now Zone. I called my friend to go around the centre while my niece was enjoying the party in KFC. Everything was expensive so that we only had look. After walking around the shopping centre several times, it was terrible combination of being tired and being hungry. My friend told me that she needed something for the dinner. Then we decided to wait for my niece in Pizza Hurt (pizza store). Because it is next-door the KFC and we hadn’t eaten pizza yet. Moreover, we were little curious about Pizza.

We ordered one “sea food pizza” for two people followed a waiter’s recommendation. My friend suddenly shouted "it was very difference from the dish on the menu" when it was put on the table. I tried to find the sea food inside the pizza, but nothing was from sea food. Humorously we though that maybe they were cut into very small pieces that is quite common in Vietnam. As a result in, we ate it without comment to any waiter. Suddenly, one man came to my table to introduce by himself that he was a manager of this store when I was eating the last piece of the pizza. He was sorry for serving wrong dish. Now, he would like to claim by free pizza that I ordered before.

Enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The countryside

I was born in a peaceful and quiet countryside town. My childhood was connected with the crystal clear rivers and the vast fields of rice. Nowadays, I have been living in a big city of Viet Nam for 15 years but I'm keen to live in the countryside.

First, there is a good environment and fresh air in the countryside. There are less vehicles, therefore, we never have traffic jams there. It doesn't have lots of smoke and noise too. Besides, we can enjoy and relax with the natural beauty of landscapes. For instance, we can walk along the riverbank with a line of coco - palm and the water is crystal clear. Furthermore, we can row a small boat on the water to fish. How wonderful it is! Every house has a garden which have many kinds of fruit trees, green vegetables and fishes in a pond. At night, we don't need an air conditioner in the house because the cool breeze will come into our house while windows are opened .

Second, the cost of living in the big city is much higher than the countryside. Although we don't earn much money we can save because we don't spend much money on food or daily activities. For example, we buy the food which is cheap. Instead, we don't buy the vegetables because we grow them in our gardens. Moreover, we don't need to use gas, we use the wood of trees in order to cook.

In conclusion, there are some advantages when we live in the countryside. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. If we accept what we have. I think that we will have a happy life, wherever we live.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been living in Ho Chi Minh, the biggest city of Viet Nam, for more than 10 years. I really enjoy living here because of below conveniences.

The first thing is education. I've adored studying since I was a child. Unfortunately there are only pre-schools, primary schools, middle schools and high schools in my home town which meant I have to leave my place to this city after I completed high school if I wanted to continue my study in university. In the new environment I have the opportunity to meet with a lot of great professionals who encourage me to work hard. I think that my knowledge has raised considerably after 10 years.

In addition, one of the biggest advantages of city is big shopping centre. More and more shopping malls is establishing everywhere in the city. Shopping is my favourite activity when I have free time. The shopping also is one way to reduce my stress. I know that although with a new clothes, pretty shoes or strange accessories, I won't stand out, it is an important thing to feel very really confident if I don’t look bad. I like shopping here because all the stores close very late so I can shop after finishing work. Beside there are diversified clothes from all over the world so that I will have many choices.

Another advantage is healthcare. Most of us don’t use it often but we always care about it. It is certain that most of good doctors live in the city. If I need them I don’t have to go so far to see them. Moreover the city always is the first one adopting to new methods and modern facilities. As a result, the patient will be treated in the correct way.

In summary, because of the advantages of education, shopping and healthcare I enjoy living in city more than in countryside at the moment.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ben Tre trip

Last week, I went to Ben Tre to attend Mark's wedding. Mark is my English teacher who comes from England. And now, I'll tell you about my trip to Ben Tre province.

On the first day, Huong and I departed from the National Hospital of Odonto Stomatology around at 4.20 pm. It was Friday. I rode my younger sister's motobike and we arrived Mark's wife house about at 7.30 pm. Then we rode around Ben Tre town to find a hotel. As you know, I went to Ben Tre 2 or 3 times for a long time and my relatives picked me up. I didn't ride at that time. Besides, Rach Mieu bridge has built and I didn't pass the ferry. Therefore, I found roads difficult because it was at night and we are 2 girls. After that, we already found a hotel. It is the opposite a pond. After we took a bath, we went to Hanh's house to have dinner. Hanh is Mark's wife. It was pass 9 pm. We were very happy together. We met Hanh's friends who are very funny, Mark's friends who are foreiners. After we had dinner, Mark and Hanh's friends went to the bar but Huong and I returned the hotel because of our tiredness. We had a good sleep that night.

On the second day, we woke up around at 7 am. We rode around the town. We rode along the riverbank. It was wonderful. We had "hu tieu". We rode around the city again and saw Mark's flower car. I called him to joke. He was wearing ao dai. After that, we got back the hotel and lied down on the bed chatting together. Huong told me about her boyfriends. I told her about my husband when my couple just met together, how we communicated...and so on.
We changed clothes and went to the wedding party at 11 am. We didn't meet Gabriel there. He is Mark's friend who comes from Texas, USA. Mark and Hanh were so busy, therefore, they didn't take good care us. Then we came back to the hotel and slept to pass 5 pm. We had dinner. Moreover, we went on foot around the pondside after parked the bike at the hotel . When we went to the park which is the center town, Hanh called me and she joined with us. Mark wake up, he called Hanh to go out for dinner and the bar. Huong and I joined too. We rode to another hotel to meet Mark's friend who are 2 foreiners and a Vietnamese. It was rain cat and dog. All of us rode our bikes on the roads . Mark and his friends are men. They rode quickly while I rode slowly. It was still rain. I couldn't go after them. Besides, our clothes were wet. Therefore, we got back the hotel to watch TV and slept.

On the last day, after we had breakfast, we rode to Tien Giang province. We went to " Vuon hoa Lac Hong" which locates in My Tho town. We joined with a foreigner group. Some of them came from Philippinnes who are friendly. We practised English with them and took photographs. We exchanged email each other. We went travelling around the river by boat. This river calls sông Tien. We visited a place which make coconut candies, some islands. Then we listended to the traditional music. It calls " đàn ca tài tu".
We departed to go back Sai Gon around at 2.30 pm. When we were on our way, Huong rode the bike and she felt sleep. Therefore, we stopped at a Võng coffee shop. Huong drunk ice coffee and I chose coconut. Then we slept to 4 pm. After that, we continued to ride to Ho Chi Minh city. We arrived our home around at 7.30 pm. Ofcouse, we had dinner and I has washed the bike.

I am tired now but I'm happy after a long trip. I feel confident to discorver wherever I didn't know before. In the past, I always visited some places I knew. And now, I can go a strange place which I have never been gone there, I won't scare .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome the National Woman's day

This morning, my hospital participated a flower competition at 200 Co Bac street, district 1 to welcome 20th October. It is the National Women's day. There are 2 National Women's days in Viet Nam: 8th March and 20th October. There were 11 hospitals which were present at this competition.The rule of the competion was only one woman who attended it. Therefore, I only help my colleague. Both of us bought flowers and practised the flower arrangment yesterday. We went to Ho Thi Ky market to buy flowers again at 5.30 am and brought some things to the competition. The competition begun at 8 am. The candidate had to finish theirs around an hour. After that, every candidate explained the meaning of their punch of flower and had given the grade by three juries. Our punch of flower was ranked second in the competition.

Besides, my two colleage's male also arranged the fruits. They spent much time on going to the market, preparing and arranged a fruit try some days ago. They attended the compatition and worked harly. When I saw their actions, I thought that " they are good cooks". They finished their fruits around 2 hours. It was ranked four.

After the competition finished, our group went to a restaurant to have lunch together. We are very tired now, but we are happy. We have learnt a lot of things from the competition. We recognige that the solidarity is very important thing in our lives. It helps us overcome our problems in the life.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My busy day

I woke up 5am by alarm clock and slept again until 5.30am. I washed my face and dressed clothes (it usually doesn’t have time for making up). I left my home at 6am and bought some foods on the way. It oftens take 30 minutes from home to work. I ate the breakfast at the hospital then took the shift at 7am. I noted the vital signs, blood in the chest draining tubes, respiration (oxygen or ventilation machine), the urine…and any unusual sounds from the monitoring. I was trained the skills and circumstances in Institude heart one year after graduating (I studied 4 years). I just treat patients some basic steps if there is emergency and then I call the doctors. That’s the rules. I ate at noon or later. I finished at 2pm but started to study “the manage class in hospital”. I had 2 hours to relax and then atteneded the private English class (Mark’class). I’m ashamed myself because I can’t improve my E. However studying English makes me happy. I went to the bed at 11pm.
I’m active with busy time but I just want to sleep all day sometimes.