Saturday, March 27, 2010

The countryside

I was born in a peaceful and quiet countryside town. My childhood was connected with the crystal clear rivers and the vast fields of rice. Nowadays, I have been living in a big city of Viet Nam for 15 years but I'm keen to live in the countryside.

First, there is a good environment and fresh air in the countryside. There are less vehicles, therefore, we never have traffic jams there. It doesn't have lots of smoke and noise too. Besides, we can enjoy and relax with the natural beauty of landscapes. For instance, we can walk along the riverbank with a line of coco - palm and the water is crystal clear. Furthermore, we can row a small boat on the water to fish. How wonderful it is! Every house has a garden which have many kinds of fruit trees, green vegetables and fishes in a pond. At night, we don't need an air conditioner in the house because the cool breeze will come into our house while windows are opened .

Second, the cost of living in the big city is much higher than the countryside. Although we don't earn much money we can save because we don't spend much money on food or daily activities. For example, we buy the food which is cheap. Instead, we don't buy the vegetables because we grow them in our gardens. Moreover, we don't need to use gas, we use the wood of trees in order to cook.

In conclusion, there are some advantages when we live in the countryside. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. If we accept what we have. I think that we will have a happy life, wherever we live.

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