Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last Sunday, I took my niece to participate in her classmate's birthday party in Now Zone. I called my friend to go around the centre while my niece was enjoying the party in KFC. Everything was expensive so that we only had look. After walking around the shopping centre several times, it was terrible combination of being tired and being hungry. My friend told me that she needed something for the dinner. Then we decided to wait for my niece in Pizza Hurt (pizza store). Because it is next-door the KFC and we hadn’t eaten pizza yet. Moreover, we were little curious about Pizza.

We ordered one “sea food pizza” for two people followed a waiter’s recommendation. My friend suddenly shouted "it was very difference from the dish on the menu" when it was put on the table. I tried to find the sea food inside the pizza, but nothing was from sea food. Humorously we though that maybe they were cut into very small pieces that is quite common in Vietnam. As a result in, we ate it without comment to any waiter. Suddenly, one man came to my table to introduce by himself that he was a manager of this store when I was eating the last piece of the pizza. He was sorry for serving wrong dish. Now, he would like to claim by free pizza that I ordered before.

Enjoy your weekend.