Friday, October 9, 2009

My busy day

I woke up 5am by alarm clock and slept again until 5.30am. I washed my face and dressed clothes (it usually doesn’t have time for making up). I left my home at 6am and bought some foods on the way. It oftens take 30 minutes from home to work. I ate the breakfast at the hospital then took the shift at 7am. I noted the vital signs, blood in the chest draining tubes, respiration (oxygen or ventilation machine), the urine…and any unusual sounds from the monitoring. I was trained the skills and circumstances in Institude heart one year after graduating (I studied 4 years). I just treat patients some basic steps if there is emergency and then I call the doctors. That’s the rules. I ate at noon or later. I finished at 2pm but started to study “the manage class in hospital”. I had 2 hours to relax and then atteneded the private English class (Mark’class). I’m ashamed myself because I can’t improve my E. However studying English makes me happy. I went to the bed at 11pm.
I’m active with busy time but I just want to sleep all day sometimes.

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