Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ben Tre trip

Last week, I went to Ben Tre to attend Mark's wedding. Mark is my English teacher who comes from England. And now, I'll tell you about my trip to Ben Tre province.

On the first day, Huong and I departed from the National Hospital of Odonto Stomatology around at 4.20 pm. It was Friday. I rode my younger sister's motobike and we arrived Mark's wife house about at 7.30 pm. Then we rode around Ben Tre town to find a hotel. As you know, I went to Ben Tre 2 or 3 times for a long time and my relatives picked me up. I didn't ride at that time. Besides, Rach Mieu bridge has built and I didn't pass the ferry. Therefore, I found roads difficult because it was at night and we are 2 girls. After that, we already found a hotel. It is the opposite a pond. After we took a bath, we went to Hanh's house to have dinner. Hanh is Mark's wife. It was pass 9 pm. We were very happy together. We met Hanh's friends who are very funny, Mark's friends who are foreiners. After we had dinner, Mark and Hanh's friends went to the bar but Huong and I returned the hotel because of our tiredness. We had a good sleep that night.

On the second day, we woke up around at 7 am. We rode around the town. We rode along the riverbank. It was wonderful. We had "hu tieu". We rode around the city again and saw Mark's flower car. I called him to joke. He was wearing ao dai. After that, we got back the hotel and lied down on the bed chatting together. Huong told me about her boyfriends. I told her about my husband when my couple just met together, how we communicated...and so on.
We changed clothes and went to the wedding party at 11 am. We didn't meet Gabriel there. He is Mark's friend who comes from Texas, USA. Mark and Hanh were so busy, therefore, they didn't take good care us. Then we came back to the hotel and slept to pass 5 pm. We had dinner. Moreover, we went on foot around the pondside after parked the bike at the hotel . When we went to the park which is the center town, Hanh called me and she joined with us. Mark wake up, he called Hanh to go out for dinner and the bar. Huong and I joined too. We rode to another hotel to meet Mark's friend who are 2 foreiners and a Vietnamese. It was rain cat and dog. All of us rode our bikes on the roads . Mark and his friends are men. They rode quickly while I rode slowly. It was still rain. I couldn't go after them. Besides, our clothes were wet. Therefore, we got back the hotel to watch TV and slept.

On the last day, after we had breakfast, we rode to Tien Giang province. We went to " Vuon hoa Lac Hong" which locates in My Tho town. We joined with a foreigner group. Some of them came from Philippinnes who are friendly. We practised English with them and took photographs. We exchanged email each other. We went travelling around the river by boat. This river calls sông Tien. We visited a place which make coconut candies, some islands. Then we listended to the traditional music. It calls " đàn ca tài tu".
We departed to go back Sai Gon around at 2.30 pm. When we were on our way, Huong rode the bike and she felt sleep. Therefore, we stopped at a Võng coffee shop. Huong drunk ice coffee and I chose coconut. Then we slept to 4 pm. After that, we continued to ride to Ho Chi Minh city. We arrived our home around at 7.30 pm. Ofcouse, we had dinner and I has washed the bike.

I am tired now but I'm happy after a long trip. I feel confident to discorver wherever I didn't know before. In the past, I always visited some places I knew. And now, I can go a strange place which I have never been gone there, I won't scare .

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