Thursday, October 15, 2009

Welcome the National Woman's day

This morning, my hospital participated a flower competition at 200 Co Bac street, district 1 to welcome 20th October. It is the National Women's day. There are 2 National Women's days in Viet Nam: 8th March and 20th October. There were 11 hospitals which were present at this competition.The rule of the competion was only one woman who attended it. Therefore, I only help my colleague. Both of us bought flowers and practised the flower arrangment yesterday. We went to Ho Thi Ky market to buy flowers again at 5.30 am and brought some things to the competition. The competition begun at 8 am. The candidate had to finish theirs around an hour. After that, every candidate explained the meaning of their punch of flower and had given the grade by three juries. Our punch of flower was ranked second in the competition.

Besides, my two colleage's male also arranged the fruits. They spent much time on going to the market, preparing and arranged a fruit try some days ago. They attended the compatition and worked harly. When I saw their actions, I thought that " they are good cooks". They finished their fruits around 2 hours. It was ranked four.

After the competition finished, our group went to a restaurant to have lunch together. We are very tired now, but we are happy. We have learnt a lot of things from the competition. We recognige that the solidarity is very important thing in our lives. It helps us overcome our problems in the life.

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