Thursday, September 24, 2009


The most amazing holiday in my life is a trip to Con Dao Island 3 years ago. There were 10 people in my group. The small plan with 60 spots took us from Tân Sân Nhất airport to the Island about 11am. The first day we had an opportunity to explore the forest. The ranger was happy to give us a tour around. In the middle of the forest, there was a chaos amongst our group when we realized that the ranger had disappeared. We were so afraid of getting lost. His explanation later was to bring us the sense of fear in order to completely comprehend the danger of the deep forest. In fact he still kept an eye on us from behind a big rock. Now I still think that his idea is really brilliant. Then we were across a stream and a waterfall to get a big cave. The cave was very dark and had a lot of bats. On the way back it rained, all of us were wet. Fortunately, no one got ill.

The next day, we visited some prisons in the war time. I feel frightened every time I thought about the trip. I wished if I hadn’t gone there. The afternoon we relaxed on the beach. The beach was very different from the others I have been. The waves were calm and not dangerously. The water level was about my chest. We could stand instead of swimming ( my most preference because I can't swim). While walking around along the beach at night, I realized that the population was a few. During the night there were less than 10 residents in view and talked to two workers. They asked me to take photo for them. And a month later, I sent them their photos from Hochiminh by a regular mail. I was surprised one year later, one of the two guys called me and let me know that he just received their photos. Oh! it takes a year for the letter to swim across the ocean.

I don't know if i could go back there or not. but i am sure that Con Dao never is out of my memory.

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