Friday, September 18, 2009


That’s also the first time I left my home. My first teacher was a close friend with my mother so I attended this school early one year. I still remember it as yesterday!
I got up early without any help. I washed and dressed myself and wore cheerful new clothes. I sat in the saddle behind my mom. I sang all the songs in my mind and asked my mom about whatever I saw on the way. My mom took me into the shop which sold a lot of foods. I ate the hutieu noodles. It was very delicious. My mom showed me some healthy foods because she just took me that time. She told me some new things which made my heart more excited. We came to the school on time when pupils stood in lines to enter the classes. I was confused so I followed my mom closely. My mom returned after she talked with my teacher and said goodbye to me. I cried loudly and ran to her. I grabbed at her one hand and held the flagpole with the other. Everyone looked at me. I calmed down when my teacher came to me with solt manners. I kissed my mom and went with my teacher.
My first teacher retired 2 years ago. She’s always a respectable teacher in my mind.

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