Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Reasons you should visit my hometown!

I grew up in a place named Đong Khoi. You will see Rach Mieu bridge (it replaced Rach Mieu ferry) after driving along the 1A highway, going through Tien Giang province. That means you get into the Ben Tre locality. Welcome to my hometown,woa. Let me show you why i enjoy it.
1/ Fresh air
Tin tin, brưm brưm…The fumes were exhausted from bikes and cars. 5 people stay in 1 m3 but they don’t communicate together because of masks. That’s your life in HCM city. You will be surprised with sparse houses in my hometown. A lot of trees replace shops, buildings, factories…You can’t believe that you want to walk with in 30 degrees at noon. The Phuong flowers lane is bright like a big fire in the sky summer.
2/ Nature
If you are active and explorative, you would like to go “the garden rential”. You can eat fresh fruits in comfort. If you are a swimmer, you will be completely attracted by the rivers.It isn’t clear and beautiful as an artificial pool but it’s pure with alluvium, nature and strange. You can pick fruits, catch fishes (if you've got skill and luck)
3/ “Đon ca tai tu”
I don’t know how can explain it in English. Folk music is simple. While you eat local foods, you hear nice sounds.
They just love it and they are not professional. They sing about legends, history, love…include hò music, cải lương music…
Everybody sit around. Some play instruments. You can sing if you want. They answer friendly questions. The conversation just has meaning when questions arise.
4/ Sea foods
There is Thua Đuc wild sea. People don’t touch it much so you can’t expect a beautiful beach such as Nha Trang one, Phan Thiet one. Someone wants to relax or thinks about his life, this place is a good idea. Moreover, you taste a lot of cheap sea foods.
5/ Coco tree
Maybe you are bored with seeing kieng-trees in Cho Lach. You shouldn’t ignore coco-garden. It’s not cool by shade but also by coco-nut. You have chance to watch children who limb well-trained. Many products are made from cocotree: furnitures, cutlery, hats…Most people salvage from cocotree to decorate for their wedding. I'm sure you will remember some experiences in your travel after leaving.

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